Hi! I’m Dasa, commonly referred too as a Devildoge.. Or just Devildoge.

Either way! I’ll keep this short and brief 🙂 I work at Bad Dragon in the Marketing department! I also deal with all the technical aspects of this blog, and occasionally make terrible comments here and there about subject matter. I’ve been working for Bad Dragon for 3 years now, and I couldn’t enjoy my time here any better! I like to regularly engage people on my twitter and I’m definitely open to any new ideas that individuals might have. Feel free to contact me!





Audax comes from a retail and public service background, and currently provides support for Customer Service, contributes to product writing, and assists with written marketing materials here at Bad Dragon. They’ve been around Bad Dragon since 2011, and moved across the country to join the team on-site in January 2013. In their spare time, they’re enthusiastic about food, immerse themselves in Final Fantasy XIV (Dark Knight forever, Balmung represent!), and dabbling in creative writing.   


What goes in this spot? Stuff about me? How boring! Is this really necessary? It is. Okay, I suppose you know your business.

Where to begin? Oh! Anatomy! Two eyes, two ears, a chin, a mouth, ten fingers, two nipples, a butt, two knee caps, a penis. I have just described the PR Panda. The reward for his capture? All the bamboo in China. So I have one question, why are you here?

In all seriousness, when he is not eating bamboo and prolonging his inevitable extinction, the PR Panda likes food (not just bamboo, pandas eat apples too, you gotta lotta nerve mister!), music, video games, movies, Star Wars, comic books and wrestling. He finds joy in the little things, like sunsets and people tripping over stuff. 

Here, have a haiku:


Panda eats bamboo,

prolongs inevitable,

goes extinct waiting….